Quotes & Awards // LINES OF COLOR


Cormac Larkin • THE IRISH TIMES

“The gorgeous lilt of Evans’ still startling original arrangements for horns is preserved, not in the aspic of academia but in the living, breathing performances of a group of New York’s finest musicians such as Evans might have selected himself.”

John McDonough • DOWNBEAT
★★★★½   Hot Box (May 2015)

“Superb renderings of some of the finest writing of the postwar big band period. Players are uniformly excellent, but the star “soloist” is the elegant ensemble amalgams that Truesdell found hiding among brass and reeds that others had missed. He makes familiar material worth hearing again. Buy it.”


“This celebration of composer/arranger… Gil Evans is extraordinary in so many respects: it’s a document of rare arrangements; demonstrates Evans’ vision; suggests how vital a live setting is to the scope of the music; and reintroduces a new master as he assembles some of New York’s finest jazz musicians to keep alive the Evans ideal.”

Andy Boeckstaens • LONDON JAZZ NEWS

“The 25-strong band produces potent music and the audience is suitably responsive and appreciative… Truesdell and his cohorts are much more than a repertory band, and they have a damn good shot at evoking the spirit of one of the icons of 20th century jazz.”

Dave Sumner • BIRD IS THE WORM

“The orchestra’s big sound is made unimposing by its abundance of warmth.  An amazing album that repeatedly provides a sense of liftoff.”

Dan Bilawsky • ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“One thing’s for sure: Lines Of Color is another Truesdell triumph.”

Glen Hall • EXCLAIM.CA

“Evans’ music could not have a better conductor than the committed, meticulous and passionate Ryan Truesdell. This is big band jazz at its majestic best.”

Tim Wilkins • WBGO.ORG

“What does it say about the state of jazz in general that we have musicians of such dazzling ability and passion as those Truesdell has assembled here? And that Truesdell himself has the vision and abilities to reach across the ages and bring these musical riches back to life? Only good things, I tell you, only good things. This is magnificent music.”

Frank Alkyer • DOWNBEAT
Editor’s Pick (March 2015)

“This album offers the beauty of hearing a large ensemble playing together in the same room. There’s an energy that the musicians and the audience bring to the proceedings that adds to the charm and complexity of this music. Truesdell delivers the music with precision, thanks to a cast of New York’s best musicians. Lines Of Color is nothing short of exhilarating.”

Grego Applegate Edwards • GAPPLEGATE MUSIC REVIEW

“It’s a beautiful record, a must for the Evans aficionado and anyone interested in innovative compositional-arranged big band sounds from the last century. It captures your ears from the start and gives you a full picture of Gil Evans and the great artist he was. Highly recommended!”


“[Lines of Color] is something to savor… I know the sound of the Standard very well and this disc captures the ambiance. Every line is clear, the dynamics (loud and soft) ring out, and the colors are lush.”

Richard Kamins • STEP TEMPEST

“Lines of Color is a wonderful reminder of the great work Gil Evans produced over the 4+ decades of his career. The music does not sound dated but alive, an excellent reminder that jazz is a living and ever-evolving art form and that it can be fun!  Kudos to all involved, especially Ryan Truesdell.”

Raul da Gama • JAZZDAGAMA

“Ryan Truesdell and his extraordinary ensemble has an energy, drive and polish entirely apt for the compelling admixture of Gil Evans’ magical “lost” works. The deft yielding rubatos in the slow movements afford an irresistible warmth which provide a compelling foil to the directional focus and visceral originality of the playing, especially in the reconstruction…of these pieces. Absolutely nothing is missing here: certainly not the soft-edged radiance of the arrangements and this is also music-making which can only ravish in its undimmed personality and artistic ambition.”

John Corbett • DOWNBEAT

“Truesdell’s passion and dedication have rendered this band more than a simple repertory ensemble. On its second outing, the ensemble is a precise research tool. His obsession is our reward.”